Schools Reopening Articles 

Why British Kids Went Back to School, and American Kids Did Not, The Atlantic Dec 19, 2020

Parents are decidedly mixed over whether OUSD schools should reopen Oaklandside, Dec 17, 2020

Kids catch and spread coronavirus half as much as adults, Iceland study confirms, Dec 10, 2020

Positive Test Rate of 11 Percent? France’s Schools Remain Open, NY Times, Nov 30, 2020

Why School Districts Are Bringing Back Younger Children First, NY Times, Nov 30, 2020

Pandemic Takes Toll on Children’s Mental Health, NPR, Nov 28, 2020

Remote School is Leaving Children Sad and Angry, Washington Post, Nov 26, 2020

The Third Wave is Here, But We Still Need to Reopen Our Schools, SF Chronicle, Nov 22, 2020

Schools are Not Spreading Covid-19. This New Data Makes the Case. Washington Post, Nov20, 2020

We’ve Figured Out it’s Safe to Have Schools Open. Keep Them That Way. Washington Post, Nov 19, 2020

Why Are We Closing Schools? The Atlantic, Nov 19, 2020

Blue States and Red States are Both Doing School Reopening Wrong,  Vox Nov 15, 2020

Lessons From Europe, Where Cases Are Rising But Schools Are Open, NPR Nov 13, 2020

Why is Europe keeping schools open, despite new lockdowns, NY Times Oct 29, 2020

Schoolchildren Seem Unlikely to Fuel Coronavirus Surges, Scientists Say. NY Times Oct 22,2020

Are The Risks of Reopening Schools Exaggerated? NPR, Oct 21, 2020

A Return to the ‘New’ Normal in Norway, Norway, One Year, May 27, 2020

Reasons to Reopen

How the Pandemic Has Been Devastating for Children From Low-Income Families, NY Times Dec 29, 2020

With Remote Learning, a 12-Year-Old Knows Her English Is Slipping Away, NY Times Dec 29, 2020

Public Schools Face Funding 'Death Spiral' as Enrollment Numbers Drop, NY Times Dec 22, 2020

Schools Confront 'Off the Rails' Numbers of Failing Grades, AP Dec 6, 2020

Oakland is Rolling Out Free Wi-Fi to Bridge the Digital Divide

Working Moms are Not Okay, Washington Post, Oct 30, 2020

Distance Learning Poses a Challenge to Young Students’ Mental Health Amid Coronavirus, ABC10, Sept 3, 2020

Young Adults’ Pandemic Mental Health Risks, NY Times, Aug 24, 2020

District Plans for Reopening

OUSD (pending negotiation with OEA)

OUSD Readiness Dashboard

Piedmont Unified School District, working document

Marin County Reopening Guidance (schools reopened in Sept)

Berkeley Unified Reopening Dashboard

Albany Unified Reopening Plan (K-5 slated for Jan)

San Leandro Unified (slated for Jan)

OEA’s Position on Reopening

In San Francisco, Virus is Contained but Schools are Still Closed (includes Oakland), NY Times, Nov 1, 2020

‘We’ve Got to do Everything We Can:’ Oakland Mayor Pushes to Reopen Schools in January, KTVU Oct 8, 2020

OUSD’s Reopening Plan Puts Everyone At Risk Teachers are Fighting Back, EastBay Majority, July 31, 2020